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Mar 11, 2011 8:30pm EST
. should the u.s. intervene? and national public radio shoots itself in the foot again. >> let me say at the outset we are putting this program together on friday as we are getting the details on the earthquake and tsunami in japan. we do not have a lot to add other than modern science and technology has allowed scientists on the west coast and in hawaii to warn residents that the tsunami was coming. as always, the u.s. navy is ready to respond to events in the pacific with the military relief. the program is called "inside wash.." let me begin in washington. it has been a long while since congressional hearings have brought up so much publicity, much of it negative. this one was about homegrown terrorism with emphasis on home run muslims. ever since he announced the hearings, peter king has been accused of being a latter-day joan mcnerney, but he refused to back down. >> to back them would be an abdication of what i believe should be the main responsibility of this committee, to protect america from a terrorist attack. >> when you assign their violent actions to the entire community,
Mar 25, 2011 8:30pm EDT
. >> the president exceeded his authority. >> the president is going to inject us into a civil war that will cost billions of dollars. >> the first anniversary of the health-care law. >> it looks even worse than it did then, and that is saying something. be 5'2"e 5'2" -- i may and wearing a yellow suit but i am one tough lady. >> we the people take back our government. >> what is going on at reagan national airport? >> the tower is apparently not manned. captioned by the national captioning institute >> they are not exactly pen pals, but house speaker john boehner wrote a letter to president obama. he has some questions, he said, about the american role in libya, our strategy there, because that the operation, whether gaddafi stays or goes. all of these concerns point to a fundamental question -- what is that the benchmark for success in libya? how you think the president would answer that, evan? >> i wish he would tell us. i often wonder if obama knows. maybe he doesn't have an answer. basically, the policy is to get rid of gaddafi, because if we don't, he could attack the uni
Mar 4, 2011 8:30pm EST
next. >> this one makes your blood boil, makes my blood boil and wood. 20-year-old u.s. marine corps lance corporal matthew snyder died in iraq, non-combat related. in 2006 when friends and family were bearing him, members of the westboro baptist church of topeka, kansas, showed up to inform the world that the lambs " was that was god's punishment for this nation's tolerance for homosexual. they held up signs that said, thank god for dead soldiers. thank god for 9/11. corporal snyder's father sued the church for inflicting emotional distress, among other things. a baltimore jury awarded him $11 million, later reduced to five and an appeals court threw out the verdict and this week the supreme court ruled 8-1 has heard all as the speech was, it was another last protected by the first amendment. as "the wall street journal" put it the other day, even jurors are protected by the first amendment. did you agree, nina question of >> the occurred agreed. remember the word empathy? you have empathy for mr. snyder, but the court's job is not necessarily to have empathy but to say what the rul
Mar 18, 2011 8:30pm EDT
. the u.n. authorized the use of all necessary measures to protect civilians in libya. here is susan rice, our u.n. ambassador. >> the security council has authorized the use of force, including enforcement of the no fly zone, to protect civilians and a civilian areas targeted by colonel gaddafi, his intelligence and security forces, and his mercenaries. >> shortly after, the u.n. foreign ministers said the countries declaring an immediate cease-fire and halted all military operations. right after that, oil prices dropped. meanwhile, the no-fly zone. what about gaddafi's tanks and artillery? is this too little too late, and given our involvement in afghanistan and iraq, should we be stepping into this at all, charles? >> it is late, and if you are going to strike, you have to strike hard and is serious and early. happening now, what we have produced is a stalemate, and now for the future, we are going to have to protect the rebels. it is going to be an ongoing and a long operation, unfortunately. >> mark? >> the consequences of war are dairen at sacrifices in measurable. those are the --
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4